Friday, October 10, 2008

Am I Too Connected?

I was reading a blog from one of my friends and he indicated that he has found a way to "put down the device". (I've asked him for his therapist).

For those of you that don't really know what I do for a living, here it is in a nutshell: I sell a wireless mobility platform that enables enterprises to connect to applications and email on handheld devices. Ok, in laymen's terms: I sell wireless email and stuff on neat phones to companies.

This means that I utilize this technology each and every day. Whilst I generally enjoy a couple other addictions, there is one that consumes my life more than the others.

The addiction is: OverConnectedness (trademark pending). I'm sure that some 'doc wanna be' has coined a better phrase than that, but whatever.

A fear of being un-connected drives me to the point of insanity with my bloodshot eyes from awaking to the "ding" of a new message at 1:42 am and not being able to stop the compulsion to pick up one of several mobile devices at my dispoal and see 'what's up'.

OMG...I need help. :-)

I know some of you are smirking right now and saying trite things like, "just leave it in another room", or "turn it off". That is like saying to an alcoholic, "just don't have it in your fridge and you'll be fine". Or to a shopaholic, "just leave your purse in the car". We all know those things don't work.

It's just sad the places I've emailed you guys from. I am good, however, at not emailing from the car while driving. That's just too dangerous. Yes, there are pictures out there of people that were killed/maimed from emailing while driving. So, while I totally dig looking at those gross pics, I would rather not become one of them. Plus, I had a friend of mine tell me (this is about 6-7 years ago) that I had to wear my seatbelt since she didn't think she could be my friend if my face was messed up. I think that she was kidding, but it definitely got me thinking and ever since I've been an avid seat-belt sportin' chick.

I email from the tennis court, restaurant, vehicle, treadmill, airplane/port, bar, church, bathroom. You name it, I've probably sent and/or checked email from that location.

What's a girl to do? What is the cure? I almost don't care. I love being in the 'know'. I love not having to fret about what is waiting for me at the office. I already know what drama is there. There is some comfort in that. Some.

Don't think I don't see your eyes roll when we're in public and I check my device every 8.3 minutes. I almost don't care. Don't judge me.

Don't think I don't hear your comments. I stink at multi-tasking, but I hear you. I almost don't care.

Remember, I have an addiction. Love me anyway.

And, don't try to say this garbage to me: "I tried to reach you". Because, seriously, if you didn't reach me, then you didn't even try. I have 3 voicemail boxes, 2 public email boxes, and some of you know my home address. I even have 2 of my voicemail boxes being translated into email and sent to me. It's so crazy the cool technology that's out there...

Trust me, I'm connected. At least until I find a good therapist.

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Leah said...

Extra points for finding a way to use "whilst" in your posting.