Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiration from a King and a Katt

"Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."  Martin Luther King Jr.  once said this.  I stumbled across this nugget as I was preparing my opening thoughts for my Toastmasters meeting.

As I was ruminating about brought back to mind something that inspired me back in December.  I had the opportunity to re-watch a Katt Williams comedy routine.  Within that routine, Katt talks about getting in touch with your "star player".

Take some time to really get in touch with your star player:  YOU.  We've got a lot coming up against us this year and if you're not in touch with what really matters, it will consume you. There are forces and people out there that will try to bring you down.   Think about many times have you told someone good news about an issue in your life and they immediately said something disparaging?   Grrrr...

Unfortunately, haters are everywhere and they want you to be miserable.  Don't allow them to pull you down.  Smile, nod and make the mental note.  Then, put them out of your mind.  No need to hate them.  Just recognize that they are not in a good place and looking for company.  Let's do our part to pull THEM UP, but not to the detriment of the star player.  Some people just like to live in misery. 

All star players have a team around them.  Who is on YOUR team?  Who can you count on to help you defend against the haters?  We're not always going to get it right.  We WILL make mistakes. Take a few minutes and think about who those people are for you, those that stand up for you, even when you may not get it right. 

Who would you want to take into battle with you?  That's right folks.  BATTLE.  This is the year we stop letting the haters have their way with us.  This is the year we put them in their place for that crap.  Are you with me? 

Oh, I know who's with me. 

If you're going to ask people to go into battle with you, it's important you be ready to go into battle with them as well.   I have polished my armor, warmed up my battle muscles, and there's plenty of horsepower in the chariot.  Friends, I'm ready to do battle with you.  

Let's lift each other up this year and keep the haters back behind the walls.  After all, "in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."  (Martin Luther King Jr). 

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Maihem said...

I still consider myself to be the little people that made all of this possible so feel free to contact me when we need to kill someone with kindness.
Oh, one of my favorites when at opposition with an individual is to smile wryly at them and say, "I hope this ruins your whole day."
Most of the time it insenses them into cursing at me and trying to say that I have not bothered them in the least but it really does make me feel better about myself for thinking I have not sunk to their level. Maybe I am lying to myself just a little.
I could be slightly less confrontational but they just...I should stop now.
You are a way better person than I am. I tend to want to get justice.